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PGD Capital

Hunter Seaward

Advertere, CEO


(315) 945-3940


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About Hunter

Hunter Seaward embarked on his professional journey in the realm of technical recruitment, where his knack for identifying talent and fostering meaningful connections propelled him into B2B client-facing roles at industry-leading staffing firms. With a keen understanding of both the technical landscape and the nuances of client relations, Hunter quickly distinguished himself as a valuable asset within the industry.


Driven by an insatiable entrepreneurial spirit, Hunter laid the foundation for his ventures early on, founding three startups while pursuing his undergraduate studies at Rochester Institute of Technology. These initiatives not only showcased his innovative thinking and strategic prowess but also provided invaluable hands-on experience in navigating the dynamic world of entrepreneurship. Among these ventures, Advertere emerged as a standout, capturing Hunter's unwavering passion and commitment.

While diligently running Advertere on the side, Hunter's exceptional talents and forward-thinking approach caught the attention of major advertising luminaries and renowned brands alike. His ability to cultivate meaningful relationships and deliver innovative solutions has earned him accolades and mentorship from industry stalwarts, further solidifying his reputation as a rising star in the field.

What truly sets Hunter apart is his unwavering vision for the future and his innate ability to articulate it with clarity and conviction. Whether it's forecasting industry trends or articulating strategic objectives, Hunter possesses a rare gift for translating abstract concepts into tangible outcomes. His compelling vision, coupled with his adept communication skills, positions him as a thought leader and a catalyst for change within his sphere of influence.


Committed to redefining the advertising paradigm. Cutting-edge solutions that transcend geographical boundaries while leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

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